Selling Tips

Street Appeal

Look at your property from the street and enter your premises as a prospective purchaser. What features stick out in your mind? Eg. Is the hedge overgrown? Does the gate squeak, when you open it? Are there branches overhanging the pathway? Is the Verandah dusty? Are there any cobwebs on the windows?

Tidying up little things like those previously mentioned may improve the welcoming feel your home could offer to prospective purchasers.

Some handy tips:
  •     Clear clutter and excessive dust from any sheds or garages
  •     Sweep or blower vac driveways, paths and porches
  •     Tidy up the garden and mow the lawn
  •     Remove all weeds
  •     Wash the windows

Impressions of the Inside

Again walk into your home as though you are looking to buy it, study the walls, the floor, the ceiling.

What features stick out in your mind?

Do the carpets need to be shampooed in order to freshen them up?
Are there any cobwebs?
Is there too much clutter, which could be stored elsewhere?
Is the furniture set up to showcase the best potential of the room?

Here are some handy tips:
  •     Wipe down the outside of all cupboards
  •     Sweep (or wash if necessary) walls, floors, and skirtings
  •     Wipe down doors, frames and handles
  •     Wash the inside of all windows, inc. frames and sills
  •     De-grease the oven, stove and grill
  •     Wet wipe fans and air vents
  •     Wipe over switches and light fittings
  •     Clear all cobwebs from inside the house
  •     Bleach sinks, baths, showers
  •     De-clutter all surfaces i.e. furniture, bench tops, cupboards etc

Aesthetics and Ambience

Little touches can improve the comfort of your prospective purchaser. During summer, leave the air cooler on prior to your appointment arriving. In the cooler months, make sure the house is warm or if you have a log fire, light it to set the mood.

Lighting can also make a difference, take advantage of natural light, a gentle glow of a strategically placed candle or the light of a lamp can add a soothing ambience to most rooms.

Make your guests feel welcome by ensuring that the home is left clean and tidy, remember that they are inspecting your home and are possibly contemplating the idea of purchasing. Clutter and dishes left on the sink are an uninviting attraction to any prospective purchaser.
Impressions of the backyard

Again, look at your backyard as though you were a prospective purchaser, what features jump out at you?
Does the garden and yard look tidy?
Is the yard free from debris?
Are there any loose pavers?
Overhanging branches?
Are all the features of the yard accessible?

Ask your Sales Agent if they feel any minor improvements carried out at the property would lift the overall appeal Eg. Repairs to fencing, painting, maintenance etc

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