Property Management Terms and Processes

Water Rates & Usage

All of our tenants sign a lease under the knowledge that they are required to pay for all water usage throughout their tenancy. (Unless they are a tenant in a group of flats or divided home where their is no individual water meter which displays their water usage).

By redirecting your mailing address on your water account to C/- our address, we can pay the total account from your rent monies held in trust and then invoice the tenant for reimbursement of the water usage. Alternatively, you may pay the account yourself and then forward our office both sides of the bill, so that we may invoice the tenant for reimbursement of the water usage.

We recommend, regardless of the payment option you choose, given that the account is in your name you pay the account in full and then allow our office to seek reimbursement from the tenant for their water usage. This will then prevent any overdue fees being applied to your water account if there is a delay in receiving payment.

Council Rates

If you would like our office to pay this account out of your rental monies, please contact Broken Hill City Council on 08 8088 3300 to change the mailing address to C/- our office.

Database Check

Database checks can be conducted on all tenants applying for a property through Broken Hill First National Real Estate. Within Australia there are two databases used by Real Estate Agents to lodge and check bad tenants. These are Tenants Reference Australia (TRA) and TICA Default Tenancy Control.

Our office is a member of TICA Default Tenancy Control, in order to process a prospective tenant's application through our office we require all applications must be accompanied by a signed TICA privacy disclosure form. For an example of our Rental Application Form and TICA Privacy Disclosure please see information listed on our website under "Renting" menu button. By checking a default tenancy database such as TICA, this can greatly reduce your chances of getting a tenant with a previous bad rental history.

Property Condition Report & Vacating Inspection

This is a report that is compiled at the commencement of a tenancy, prior to your tenant moving into the property. This report outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is used when the tenant vacates to ensure that the property is left in the same condition. This is the last inspection carried out which is done as soon as possible after the end of a tenancy, when the tenants have returned their keys. The Property Condition Report is used at this inspection and each item is checked off to make certain that the property is in the same condition as when the tenant took possession. It is at this inspection that any items that need to be rectified by the tenant are identified.

Routine Inspection

Routine inspections are conducted after a tenant takes possession of the property. We are entitled to inspect the property 4 times a year. These inspections are essential to ensure that your property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to identify any maintenance that may be required. Your property manager will be in contact to discuss any issues which are raised during the inspection.

Rental Arrears

When a tenant falls less than 14 days in arrears, our office will call the tenant and forward them a rent calculation notifying the tenant how much is due at the time of mailing.

If the tenant is more than 14 days in arrears, our office will call the tenant to notify them of how much is due to be paid. If we have not received payment by the close of business, we will issue the tenant with a termination notice to vacate the premises.

Landlord Payments & Monthly Statements

On the 7th of each month, all monies held in trust (unless instructed to hold payment) will be paid to your nominated bank account. On this date you will be sent a monthly statement for your property and any invoices pertaining to payments that we have made on your behalf.