Broken Hill Statistics & Information

Broken Hill Statistics
  •     Population: Over 21,000
  •     Local Government Association: City Of Broken Hill
  •     County: Yancowinna
  •     State District: Murray-Darling
  •     Federal Division: Farrer
  •     Average rain fall: 235mm (9 inches)
  •     Time Zone: Australian Central Standard Time (Same as South Australia)

Health Services
  •     Greater Western Area Health Service
  •     Numerous private Medical Practitioners & Clinics
  •     Royal Flying Doctor Base
  •     Wide variety of dental services

  •     6 Public Schools: (Broken Hill North, Morgan Street, Broken Hill Public (Central), Burke Ward, Alma, Railwaytown)
  •     1 Private Catholic School ( Sacred Heart College)
  •     2 Highschools (Broken Hill High School & Willyama High School)
  •     Western Institute of T.A.F.E.
  •     Robinson College (Branch of Charles Sturt University)

  •     513km North East of Adelaide via Barrier Highway (A32)
  •     839km North of Melbourne via Silver City Highway (79)
  •     1163km West of Sydney via Barrier Highway (32)
  •     220m above sea level
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Other names Broken Hill has been known as:
  •     The Silver City
  •     The Oasis of the West
  •     Capital of the Outback